ITALIAN ART TOUR offers to a group of artists from all over the world the opportunity of a Tour in Italy. Artists will find all the materials to produce works on the spot; they will work for 4-5 days meeting students and school groups and local artists; at the end an exhibition will be set up with the works created during the workshop, which will be donated by the artists to the promoter. An integral part of the project is a guided tour of the local historical artistic archaeological heritage.


ITALIAN ART TOUR is a project that aims:

  • the enhancement of art as a central experience of international exchange;
  • the integration between international artists and local artists;
  • the didactic educational development resulting from the meeting between artists and students and school groups of the territory;
  • to the reciprocal intercultural experience as formative of a European and transnational awareness and identity for the young generations of the territory;
  • the approach of the public to contemporary art usable in both moments: creation of the work (work in progress) and exhibition;
  • the training experience both at civil, cultural and artistic level of all those involved in the project.


The title ITALIAN ART TOUR is inspired by that Grand Tour which, starting from the seventeenth century, created a travel route traveled by great intellectuals and artists from all over Europe, crowned by a stay in Italy, the destination and identity patrimony of a generation of excellence international; a culturally initiatory journey for writers, painters, thinkers, etc., which saw Italy as a source of historical, naturalistic, archaeological and artistic inspiration, of which J. W. Goethe’s Journey to Italy is a supreme example. The “Italian Art Tour” event has this markedly international character, as it invites artists from all over the world to retrace those cultural routes in the name of the exchange of geographies, languages, perfumes and creative ecstasies, making full use of the best of our territory: art – nature – culture.

The project includes visits to the artistic, historical, archaeological and naturalistic heritage of the territory by the participating international artists. Some of the visits are expected to be guided by students from the local schools and institutes.


The Italian Art Tour event is conceived, curated and directed by the artist CARLA VIPARELLI.